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We made a choice to prepare our household for emergencies quickly after getting hitched. I have been actively stocking and consuming meals with my family for over fifteen years now, and managing my survival garden for five, and there have been some great discovering knowledge in the process. I would like you and your family members to recognize the peace of readiness, so I’m here to reveal what I learn about survival, gardening and emergency preparedness with you!

We currently have a modest backyard garden, and needless to say these days, seed products are easy to acquire. But, God forbid we are in a SHTF situation, I really want my loved ones to possess decent, non-genetically engineered or (GMO) seed products. As the majority of of you understand, the seed corporations manipulate the seed-stock, often times stopping them from regenerating time and time again. That is why it’s important to buy and plant “Heirloom seeds”. Heirloom seeds are handed down from generation to generation, picked due to the fact they are the perfect quality, non-hybrid seeds.

When I’m not blogging and site-building I take pleasure in getting outside, trekking, sportfishing, shooting stuff and gardening!

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