Emergency Seed Bank Vs. Survival Seed Bank

I’ve bought my first survival seed bank few years ago, and I was very pleased with it. It was sold by this company, and the package not only included really generous amount of different vegetable seeds all sealed individually and packed in a plastic seed bank, but also special manual on 81pages with detail instructions how to start and grow your survival garden using non hybrid seeds.

But, I decided it was time to buy another survival seed bank and before “closing the deal” I thought I would look around to see what’s new on the market. To my surprise, today there is almost a dozen different suppliers of survival seeds and survival seed banks!

Some seem really nice and could be a nice deal, but some look quite phony and I’m not sure they offer a great deal of vegetable seeds for the asked price. It seems I’ll need to have a closer look at each and every emergency survival seed bank offered, and then make my choice!

I’ll keep you posted with my findings!


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